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Biodiversity offsets could be locking in species decline

Biodiversity offset policies are an increasingly common part of biodiversity conservation strategies in Australia and around the world.  But how well do they work?  Ascelin Gordon and Martine Maron explain how biodiversity offsets may – perversely – provide an incentive for the continuing decline of the species they are designed to protect.

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Is driving an electric car really better for the environment?

Is driving an electric car really better for the environment? An interesting article in the Sunday Times argues that when a full life cycle assessment is done, electric cars are not so green after all. I’ve sometimes wondered about this. I’ve also heard others saying that driving a small mass produced petrol car produces less emissions then an electric car (over say 10 years) when you do a full life cycle assessment. Though I’m also aware that the technology used for electric cars will continue to improve and this might not always be the case…