Case Studies


Mainstreaming BSUD

We are collaborating with our industry partners Lendlease during the early design stages of this community development in Cardinia Shire, Victoria. Averley is a great case study for mainstreaming BSUD across a typical suburban greenfield development, offering some exciting opportunities for novel design solutions and challenges that will stimulate future research outputs.


Restoring nature

We have begun initial work with Yarra Valley Water to apply BSUD principles within the Hazelwynde Development Project, a 740 hectare greenfield site in Mitchell Shire, Victoria. YVWs vision for Hazelwynde is an industry-leading sustainable urban development landmark, providing a unique opportunity for us to showcase how BSUD can be delivered alongside Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) to restore nature to a degraded landscape.

Fishermans Bend

A world first

In 2019 we delivered the first real-world application of BSUD during the early planning stages of a large-scale urban renewal project in central Melbourne, working with GHD and the Fishermans Bend Taskforce. With five different precincts spanning two local government areas, the development of Fishermans Bend is an on-going project as each precinct plan is finalised and individual developers and landowners seek to implement the key BSUD recommendations we have made.

Malop Street

Improving experiences

We are working with GHD to implement BSUD during the second and third phases of the Malop Street revitalisation project in Geelong, Victoria. BSUD principles are being used to plan the layout and revegetation of this commercial street, with the aim of improving the pedestrian experience while also providing a linear nature connection within the wider landscape.

Green Adelaide

Planning for biodiversity

In 2022 we started work with Green Adelaide to understand how BSUD can be embedded into the South Australian urban planning process. Green Adelaide is an urban-focussed environmental organsation. They are funding a range of on-ground projects, aiming to create a liveable and more biodiverse city. The organisation works across 17 local councils, providing us with a range of exciting BSUD case studies.

Queen Victoria Market

BSUD in high-rise

This is our newest project! We are excited to have begun work with Lendlease and Openwork on bringing nature back into the heart of Melbourne's CBD! This project is in its very early stages, but we are excited to see how we can apply BSUD principles in the design of a new city park and series of high-rise residential buildings near the QVM precinct. Watch this space for more updates soon!