Our People

Prof. Sarah Bekessy

BSUD Project Lead

Sarah leads the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group (ICON Science). Professor and ARC Future Fellow at RMIT’s School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, she is interested in the intersection between science and policy in environmental management. Sarah and Georgia developed the BSUD framework together in 2018.

Dr. Georgia Garrard

BSUD Project Lead

Georgia is a senior lecturer in the Office for Environmental Programs and School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences at The University of Melbourne. Her research addresses the critical challenges of conserving biodiversity in an increasingly human-dominated world. Georgia and Sarah developed the BSUD framework together in 2018.

Dr. Holly Kirk


Holly is an experienced urban ecologist working to translate scientific theory into positive on-ground action for people and nature. A specialist in spatial modelling and natural history, Holly has been combining these skills to optimise how we make space for nature during the urban planning process.

Dr. Casey Visintin


Trained as an architect and urban planner, Casey has ten years of experience working in a multinational firm on large urban development and sustainable building projects. Casey obtained his PhD in Applied Ecology to support his passion for biological conservation. His research focuses on integrating the disciplines of architecture and ecology.

Dr. Katherine Berthon


Katherine’s research investigates the drivers of biodiversity change and function in urban landscapes. She uses a variety of methods to understand the influence of design on plant-insect relationships including entomological surveys, field experiments and DNA metabarcoding. Katherine's work informs design guidelines to enhance biodiversity in urban greenspaces.

Our Supporters

The Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design team are supported by The Ian Potter Foundation, The Naylor Stewart Foundation and Rainspark Capital. 
We would also like to thank our key industry collaborators, Lendlease and Yarra Valley Water