National Feral Cat Management Survey

Did you know? Australia has the highest extinction rate of native species on earth. The impact of feral cats has been recognised as one of the major threats to Australia’s native and endangered wildlife. In many cases, feral cats could be the final threat that causes a species to become extinct. This is the first […]

Off Track (ABC Radio National)

G’morning all, I’ve been listening to lots of Off Track, a great program on ABC Radio National. Some of the shows might tickle the ICSRGs’ fancy. From unused pool to ecosystem cool – on transforming pools to ponds. Bandicoots in Sydney Backyards – featuring the fantastic phrase ‘snout pokes’. Loving your environment to death – […]

A values-based approach to urban nature research

Chris Ives has just  essay posted on The Nature of Cities website: “Start with people. Adopting a values-based approach to understanding urban ecological systems will challenge how land use and environmental management decisions are typically made. Rather than fitting the importance of urban nature into current paradigms of decision-making (often based on economic values and balancing […]