Outreach: I want my vote to count for nature: how do the major parties stack up?

Sarah Bekessy, RMIT University and Brendan Wintle, The University of Melbourne The animals and plants at risk of extinction finally made it onto the political agenda last week, as Labor and the Greens launched biodiversity policies ahead of the federal election. Labor’s policies included new funding for the Great Barrier Reef and long-term commitments for […]

Outreach: A Victorian logging company just won a controversial court appeal. Here’s what it means for forest wildlife

Brendan Wintle, The University of Melbourne; Laura Schuijers, The University of Melbourne, and Sarah Bekessy, RMIT University Australia’s forest-dwelling wildlife is in greater peril after last week’s court ruling that logging — even if it breaches state requirements — is exempt from the federal law that protects threatened species. The Federal Court upheld an appeal […]

Where the wild things are: how nature might respond as coronavirus keeps humans indoors

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Intriguing things sometimes happen in places deserted by people. Plants creep back, animals return and, slowly, birdsong fills the air. The coronavirus pandemic means public spaces the world over have been temporarily abandoned. Major roads are all but empty […]

Outreach: Want to help save wildlife after the fires? You can do it in your own backyard

Holly Kirk, RMIT University; Brendan Wintle, The University of Melbourne; Casey Visintin, The University of Melbourne; Freya Thomas, RMIT University; Georgia Garrard, RMIT University; Kirsten Parris, The University of Melbourne; Kylie Soanes, The University of Melbourne; Pia Lentini, The University of Melbourne, and Sarah Bekessy, RMIT University People living in cities far from the unprecedented […]